Seminář Modern Control Technics of Switched Mode Power Supplies, Motors and Engines


Ing. Pavel Grasblum, Ph.D. NXP Semiconductors
Ing. Milan Brejl, Ph.D. NXP Semiconductors

Datum akce: 
Pátek, 2. Prosinec 2016 - 9:00 - 13:00
The seminar will be focused on selected topics of modern control technics. Participants become familiar particularly with the following:

From Analog to Digital Control Loop Design of Switched Mode Power Supplies
The analog control of switched mode power supplies (SMPSs) is very well managed today. There are simple methods how to design stable power supply, which are very well adopted by analog engineers. However growing demand for digital control, power supply designers are pushed in the area, which is complete new for them – digital control theory. This course will guide attendees in simple way, how to switch from analog to digital control of switched mode power supplies. The course is split into three part. The first part will go briefly through design of SMPS in continuous time domain. The second part explains necessary theory for transition into discrete time domain and demonstrates the simplest way of digital design – “Design by emulation (analog approach)”. The course will also explain an improvement of this method, which included all key delays caused by discretization of control loop, and thus gives more precise results, when this method is used for digital control.

Motor Control and Engine Control Using eTPU
The seminar touches two seemingly different areas – electrical motor control and combustion engine control. What both areas have in common are special demands for accurate timing. Additionally, both these areas meet in hybrid cars. The Enhanced Time Processing Unit (eTPU) is a programmable peripheral module dedicated to advanced timing and I/O processing, available on specialized powertrain microprocessors. A closer look on how the eTPU can be used on what are the timing challenges in motor control and engine control will be presented.

Místo konání: 

Ústav automatizace a měřicí techniky
Technická 12
612 00 Brno
(seminární místnost SD1.49)

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